4 Tips for Setting Up Your Retail Space

You’ve done it! You’ve decided to go ahead and start your own business. You’ve worked hard to get here and you have a lot of ideas that you want to pursue – but it starts with finding your success, first.

Your retail space is a big part of finding success if you’re selling products. How do you set up the space so that it works well and so that you get everything going the way it should? Here are 4 tips that can help you out.

  1. Find a Space that Will Fit Your Purposes.When you take some time to look at retail space for lease, you will notice that there are a lot of spaces that may come up. You want to find a space that is going to allow you the most flexibility while also giving you enough room to set everything up in an effective fashion. Shop around, talk with real estate agents and landlords, and find what will work for you and the products that you want to sell.
  2. Have an Entrance that Entices People.The first step of sales is making sure that you get your customers through the door. After they get through the door, the retail space can do a good chunk of the work for you. Have an entrance that is warm, welcoming, and organized. Don’t allow for clutter, and don’t be too focused on sales in the front (which we’ll talk more about in the next point). That way, people are much more likely to peek their head in and get a look at what’s going on in your retail space.
  3. Don’t Put Items in the “Decompression Zone.”The decompression zone is the front of your store – it’s where people come in and orient themselves with the store. But, if you put too many items up there, people are going to completely miss them. Why? Because, by the time they feel comfortable in the store, they’ve already passed by the front of it. The decompression zone is just one disaster area that people don’t always consider when developing retail space.
  4. Increase Visibility of Your Most Popular Products.Your most popular products should be on end caps or in display cases where they can catch the attention of the people that come into your store. You also want to have those items at eye level, so that people notice them more easily. As you increase the visibility of those products, you’ll see them go off the shelves much more quickly and you can see results for the work that you put into your store and the displays for those products.

Setting up your retail space has a lot of psychology behind it, and understanding that psychology is your first step toward finding success in the sales end of your business. Try these tips and do what you can in order to see the results you deserve after working so hard for it.